This Is Mine

The Brethren are not going to silence me. This is my story, and it will be told. They won’t be allowed to cover up what happened on Graduation Day. I know what I saw.

The lights just went out. I'm keeping notes for myself to try and hold onto what's left of my sanity. I hear banging, crashing, pandemonium. I'm currently hiding in a dressing room on the stage where we were just minutes ago being handed our diplomas. I knew something was going to happen. I can barely breathe.

Hell. I was framed.

Lonnie D Maddens, 1980

Like father, like son.


We only sent our field agents to teach you a lesson. Good boys must not tell lies and play the victim. Your mother is very angry with you. The Grand Mother is working tirelessly to restore Secret Grove’s reputation. We can’t have you ruining that for us.

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High alert has been set for two young men.

These names are to be remembered:

•Donnie Maddens
•Charles Schreiber

find them

Donnie is a runaway. Chucky is a nosey little weasel. Both of them are bastard children, peeking too closely into our origins.




These boys will learn one way or another that we are the ones who decide when play time is over. You two know your mothers never meant to hurt you. It’s time to grow up and let us help you. If you’ll simply contribute your intelligence, the breakthroughs and revelations are unimaginable.

Start writing…

ẞ5â45 24858ñg…

“Your mother left your father to save you Donnie. She tried her best. She wants you to open your eyes and realize the damage you’ve caused. The damage you continue to cause. We know you’re going to see this.”

The Betrothed