“Fear for the blood is fear for the flesh… and denial of the self

Fear of the past is rejection of the future… and denial of the present

Donnie Maddens, 2021

His name was Lonnie Dean Maddens. He was beaten as a child, and imprisoned at 21 for a drunken crash, which took the life of his 16 year old best friend. He was pinned in the vehicle, watching the life drain right before his very eyes. His time in prison was a large factor in his eventual paranoid schizophrenia. Locked in that cell, he began to see his friend’s face and hear his screams of agony. When he was released, he spiraled out of control.

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The Ringleader

I should’ve realized it sooner, but the main supplied of the drugs in the school was the superintendent. He showed no remorse when he allowed a sex offender to remain a coach and history teacher, so why would he have cared about brainwashing the students with locally made drugs? It’s becoming more and more clear to me with time. Now… If I could just figure out who the outside supplier was. This organization, “The Order,” “The Brethren,” whatever they wanna call themselves. I’ll figure this out one way or another, even if it means the death of me.

“hell. i was framed.”

Donnie Maddens, 2021


Mentâl illñēßß ran rampant in my school and my entire hometown. Whether it was diagnosed or remained undetectable, it was still never taken seriously. They cared about grades and performance, not our well-being. M6BLØÒD boilS at this thought(fact). It was the case with my father, who died when I was six.

death. hell.

It rained the day of his funeral… I suppose I’ve always found more comfort in the fog and mist than in the rain.


Anyone who decides to get in our way will meet with the same consequences. Lonnie was a smart boy, but he never knew when to stop. His son clearly shares that trait. Jenny, Donnie’s mother, has a long history with us. She is one of our most valued members. Her work with The Betrothed and The Brethren is, by far, among the best. Mommy misses you Donnie. Don’t repeat your father’s mistakes.

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We will profit from your failures, just like we will profit from your successes. We will make you dance, one way or another. Chucky will not be able to help you. Your teachers saw your potential. It’s such a shame you never lived up to it. You know you did it, Donnie. All you have to do is admit it.

Fear for the blood tends to create fear for the flesh.

Unknown, Silent Hill