The Nausea

I feel so sick. I feel as sick as I did when I went to that school. I can’t tell if it’s because of the Widow’s Silk, natural causes, or my own fvck|ng head. I still don’t feel as sick as I did on Graduation Day, though.

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This Is Mine

The Brethren are not going to silence me. This is my story, and it will be told. They won’t be allowed to cover up what happened on Graduation Day. I know what I saw.

The lights just went out. I'm keeping notes for myself to try and hold onto what's left of my sanity. I hear banging, crashing, pandemonium. I'm currently hiding in a dressing room on the stage where we were just minutes ago being handed our diplomas. I knew something was going to happen. I can barely breathe.

Hell. I was framed.

Lonnie D Maddens, 1980

Like father, like son.


We only sent our field agents to teach you a lesson. Good boys must not tell lies and play the victim. Your mother is very angry with you. The Grand Mother is working tirelessly to restore Secret Grove’s reputation. We can’t have you ruining that for us.

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We have dispensed an experimental batch of Widow Silk into the air. To the residents of Forest Prairie, Texas, do not fear. Just breathe in deep, and you will come to see things our way soon enough. This is our message to you, Donnie. W-304 is being developed in collaboration with none other than the great Jennie Coüffàn, your loving mother.






Donnie is grounded. It’s for his own good. We’re sure you understand.

Sincerely, The Betrothed & The Brethren.

Zampano is rolling in his grave. We saw it.

Johnny wasn’t a very good boy. Truancy is not to be tolerated.

Alex was doing our Lord’s work. The virus was a means to an end.

Elizabeth was an unfortunate casualty.

Lonnie was just paranoid.

We. Will. Have. Order.


Gr33ñ. Høpe, Idahø. I know what happened, but The Brethren don’t want you to know



“Help me…” ‘cuz I don’t know…”

Burn, Inside, 2021

I try to help to leave this world better than I found it.

I’t’s ÑØ5 Ffüuuuñn6


Eclipsing ellipses. Eclectic and eccentric. Donnie will be taken care of soon enough. Never mind this little ramble, he’s just spiraling again.

~Betrothed to the Brethren, as all will be. You’ve revealed too much sir, and we’re frankly fed up with it. We impressed your progress with Dollar General. And we will do the same with all future “potential employers.”


A lanky young man with claws for hands. At one point he was me.

But I still see him.

I thought he was gone. I stopped. “No more cutting,” I said. Why is he still here?


The butcher in Whitby? Is he bringing it back? I don’t understand. He’s dead, that’s not possible.

“One more morsel.”

For a single Gil?

Morsengyl? I don’t understand. The yearly census. The ships taken overseas. The harm they did…


And the gang’s all here…


I am at my best when I can stay in one place. But that’s not entirely true. I don’t know what my best is. I know what I do, though. This is the second time in the last week that I’ve sat in my closed car with music blaring. The rain and lightning have been scaring the ßhî5 out of me.

Fear. Blood. Flesh
Everything. Constant.

It’s raining. Again.

Donnie Maddens, Sept. 2021




An imposing tall figure with some kind of metallic headwear. A long blade clutched in his hand, dragging along the ground. Is it looking at me? Is it human? Is it alive?