Anyone who decides to get in our way will meet with the same consequences. Lonnie was a smart boy, but he never knew when to stop. His son clearly shares that trait. Jenny, Donnie’s mother, has a long history with us. She is one of our most valued members. Her work with The Betrothed and The Brethren is, by far, among the best. Mommy misses you Donnie. Don’t repeat your father’s mistakes.

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We will profit from your failures, just like we will profit from your successes. We will make you dance, one way or another. Chucky will not be able to help you. Your teachers saw your potential. It’s such a shame you never lived up to it. You know you did it, Donnie. All you have to do is admit it.

Fear for the blood tends to create fear for the flesh.

Unknown, Silent Hill


It’s like every little memory connecting back to that place… Those faces… Those words… It ruins me inside. The outside sources are indescribable in terror inducing power.

I can't sleep.

The Beginning

I don’t remember every last detail. My relationship with my parents was a strained one, that much I can say. They looked for any excuse to shove me through the door of that Hellish facility. Sometimes I think I was the only sane one there, but given my own actions, I have to question that as well.

I tried my best to get through each day. In a school like that, though, it wasn’t easy. Teachers were supplying students with drugs, which came from an outside source. I was the only one who refused to be part of this trade.